Company act Poland, Poland Act of the National Court Register of Article 1 to Article 4b

dated 20 August 1997
the National Court Register

Chapter 1

Article 1 1. Creates the National Court Registry, hereinafter referred to as "the Register".
2. The register consists of:
1) the register of entrepreneurs;
2) the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and public health care;
3) register of insolvent debtors.

Article 2 1. Keep a
company register in Poland in the computer system district courts (courts of business), including its characteristic population of the area or part thereof, hereinafter referred to as "courts rejestrowymi.
2. Municipalities, as the task assigned to perform activities related to the conduct of the registry, which are to ensure interested
1) access to the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD);
2) the official application forms required by law to allow the registration of partnerships;
3) access to information on the charges, how they pay and the territorial jurisdiction of the court register.
3. Minister of Justice, in consultation with the minister responsible for public administration, shall determine, by regulation, modes of operation referred to in paragraph. 2, and the manner of cooperation of the courts registered and heads (mayors, mayors) in these cases and, in particular the treatment and transfer of registration by the courts of the necessary information with a view to facilitating access to the registry.

Article 3 The register includes the entities to which the provisions of the laws impose an obligation to be alert to the registry.

Article 4 1. Minister of Justice creates a Central Information Office of the National Court Register, 'the Central Information Office, with branches in the court register.
2. The task of the Central Information is
1) conducting a set of registry information and electronic documents, company directory, hereinafter referred to as "directory";
2) providing information from the registry and the storage and retrieval of copies of the directory;
3) the establishment and operation of call registry and the directory in a computer system.
3. The central issue copies of the information, statements and certificates and provides information from the registry, which have the power of official documents, where they are issued in paper form.
3a. The central issue of the catalog information electronically, copies of documents that are certified for compliance with the documents located in the file of registered entity.
4. Information Central charges a fee for providing information, issuing copies, extracts or certificates from the Registry, and for providing copies of the directory. These charges are the revenue of the state budget.
4a. Central Information available free of charge, in public computer networks, basic information about those registered in the register of entrepreneurs and associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations and public health care establishments, including the organizations and entities which have obtained the status of public benefit organizations .
4b. Central Information available free of charge, in public information and communication networks, the list of entities to whom section 6 business register information entered bankruptcy. The list contains the following data:
1) the name or business;
2) KRS number;
3) ID number;
4) registered trader;
5) the date of the decree of bankruptcy, together with an indication of the conduct of insolvency proceedings;
6) the signature file and specify the court, which was declared bankrupt;
7) the date and the outcome of the insolvency proceedings.
5. (repealed).
6. (repealed).
7. (repealed).

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