Poland Act of the National Court Register of Article 42 to Article 46

Article. 42. The data listed in the article. 41 are not covered by the presumption referred to in article. 17. 1, and these entries are not subject to notification data in the judicial and economic monitor.

Article. 43. In the chapter 5 reference commercial register shall appoint and recall the curator.

Article. 44.1. In Chapter 6 registry operators include the following data:
1) information about opening and completion of the liquidation, the establishment of the Management Board and maintained;
2) the person him together with the mode of representation, managers and managers maintained;
3) of the termination or cancellation of the company;
4) connection information with other entities, broken down or conversion of otherwise;
4a) information to suspend or resume the exercise of economic activities;
5) initiation of bankruptcy repair any of the proceedings and their changes on the completion of the proceedings or a layout, who forced Manager, supervisor, receiver, liquidator, managers and people appointed in the course of insolvency proceedings to represent the fallen (representative of bankruptcy or representative of a bankruptcy);
6) for a European company, the European economic interest grouping and SCE-mention of submission of the proposal, and in case of cancellation because of a change of seat-information on the State, established, and the registry, to which you typed.
2. In the case of branches entrepreneurs foreign main branches of foreign insurance companies and the major branches of foreign reinsurance undertakings operating in the territory of the Republic of Poland, referred to in paragraph 1. 1 includes the branches and foreign entrepreneurs, foreign insurance companies or foreign reinsurance.

Article. 45.1. Entries in Chapter 1 registry entrepreneurs, referred to in article. 38 point 1. and, on the add to phrases in "insolvent liquidation 'or' systemic bankruptcy" and entries in Chapter 5 and 6 of this registry section, referred to in article. 44. 1 point 5, of the Office.
1a. after bankruptcy with the conclusion of the agreement, in which bankruptcy deprived of the Board, or bankruptcy involving the liquidation of the assets of the debtor, under section entrepreneurs of plots registry entries mentioned in the article. 39 point 3.
2. (waived).
3. Entries in Chapter 4, Undertaker referred to in article. 41 points 1, 2 and 3, shall at the request of the claimant. Reporting the circumstances referred to in article. 41 points 1 and 2 is mandatory, and entities required to notify these circumstances determine separate provisions. Entries. 41 points 4 and 5 shall be made from the Office.
4. The registry entries in Chapter 6, entrepreneurs referred to in article. 44. 1 point 1 and 2, shall be made if the liquidator is established.
5. If special provision herein, in the case of transformation, merger or Division of effecting its decommissioning, cancellation of and entry information referred to in article. 44. 1 paragraph 4, of the Office. Court wpisujący effects of transformation, merger or Division shall notify the court competent for the entity subject to being transformed by sending copies of the relevant provisions of the entry to the registry.
6. The matrimonial relations information entry to the property of persons registered as entrepreneurs personal trading companies or partners may make a person named in the register and its spouse.
7. The operator, which reports to the register fact conclusion civil company shall file a copy of the registered association. Change the operator must notify agreement Court and submitted to the file registered a single text.
8. Request for removal from the register of public enterprise split to create two or more enterprises and companies owned decommissioned has authority of incorporation of the company.

Article. 46.1. Data referred to in article. 41,98 may be deleted if after the entry has judicial or administrative decision, showing that you typed to the duty or obligation of, or the title Executive based entry, was disposed of by free feasibility. Termination liabilities should be stated in a judgment or a certificate of the competent authority or the statements of the debtor and the creditor.
2. Entries made in heading 4 undertaker Court abolished the Office after 7 years from the date of the entry.
3. All deleted entries are not subject to disclosure.

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