Poland Act of the National Court Register of Article 30 to Article 35

Article. 30. If the guardian in carrying out its activities it finds that there is any indication of bankruptcy, for which it was established, may report such request to the competent court.

Article. 31.1. Court, at the request of a legal person, can reference the guardian before expiry of the period, which was established, if the authority of the entity to perform the obligations referred to in article. 24. 1.
2. Court of references guardian, where he performs his duties unduly.

Article. 32.1. Curator has the right to remuneration for their activities and for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred in connection with their activities.
2. Remuneration referred to in paragraph 1. 1, the Court shall, by order of an appropriate range made by curator steps, zasądzając to the curator, its amount from persons charged to cover the costs of its activities and by declaring to those expenses incurred by the Treasury. The Court may by order grant curator advance where made.
3. The costs of legal guardian shall be charged jointly and severally, for which the person was established, and members of its authority as the Board.
4. The provision referred to in paragraph 1. 2, is the basis to conduct enforcement costs due to curator.

Article. 33. The Minister of Justice, in consultation with the Minister responsible for matters of public finances, specifies, by regulation, lower and upper bounds of salaries for the activities of the guardian, taking into account the diversity, complexity and duration of each step.

Article. 34.1. Registered entities are required to provide declarations written, directed, on its activities, to designated persons and bodies, the following data:
1) or the name of the company;
2) legal practices;
3) established and address;
4) VAT number ;
5) designation of the registry that stores records in respect of and the number of registry.
2. The obligation referred to in paragraph 1. 1, without prejudice to the obligations specified in specific rules.
3. In case the obligation referred to in paragraph 1. 1, registry, which finds an underflow, may impose a fine on the person responsible for the non-fulfilment of this obligation.
4. Penalty, referred to in paragraph 1. 3, may not be more than 5,000 dollars.
5. The obligation referred to in paragraph 1. 1, none of the statements will directed to persons with permanent contractual relations.

Article. 35. Whenever to be recorded:
1) natural-includes the name and the names and ID assigned in the system, hereinafter referred to as "social security number";
2) different entity than specified in point 1-shall be the name or business name and identification number in the registry of operators of the national economy, on the basis of public statistics, hereinafter referred to as "registration number", and if the entity is registered in the registry-as well as its number in the registry.

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