Poland Act of the National Court Register of Article 13 to Article 18

Article 13 1. The entries in the registry are subject to a notice in the Gazette and the Economic Court, unless the law provides otherwise.
2. (repealed).

Article 14 Entity required to submit an application for entry in the registry can not rely on third parties acting in good faith on the data that have not been entered into the registry or have been deleted from the registry.

Article 15 1. Since its announcement in Monitor Economic Court and no one can plead ignorance announced entries. However, in relation to acts done before the sixteenth day of publication of an entity registered in the Register can not rely on an entry to a third party, if it proves that it could not aware of the contents of entry.
2. In the event of a discrepancy between the entry in the Register and the announcement of the Court Monitor and Economic valid entry in the registry. However, the third party can rely on the contents of the notice, unless the entity entered into the registry proves that the third party knew about the content of the alert.
3. A third party may rely on documents and data, for which no compliance with the notice requirement even if the notice does not deprive niezamieszczenie its legal effect.

Article 16 If the registry entry is not subject to the notice in the Gazette and the Economic Court, no one can plead ignorance of the contents of the registry, unless that despite due diligence could not have known about the alert.

Article 17 1. It is presumed that the data entered in the Register is accurate.
2. If the data entered in the Register in breach of the entity or application without that application, the operator can not plead against the third party a bona fide claim, that these data are not true, if it failed to immediately ask, of correcting, supplementing or entry.

Article 18 1. Entity entered into the Register shall be liable for damage caused to filing false information to the registry, if subject to the registration upon request, and failure to report the data subject to entry to the registry within the statutory period, unless the damage occurred due to force majeure or solely the fault of the victim or the person Third, for which no responsibility.
2. If the Register is recorded in personal trading company, the liability referred to in paragraph. 1 shall be borne jointly and severally with the company the person responsible for the obligations of the company all its assets.

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