Poland Act of the National Court Register of Article 9 to Article 12

Article 9 1. For an entity listed in the registry maintained by a separate registration files, including in particular the documents underlying the entry.
2. If a special rule requires notification of the court referred to rejestrowemu or typing it into the registry, and these data are not subject to the provisions of the Law to a specific entry in the registry department, documents containing such information and documents listed in Articles. Paragraph 47a. 2 consists of the registration files.
3. If the operator entered into the registry operates under a contract or statute, the application shall be accompanied by his inclusion of a contract or statute.
4. The application for entry to the registry operator, a proposal to amend the contract or statute entity listed in the Registry, acting under a contract or statute, accompanied by the text of a single contract or statute, including the changes. For the text of the uniform does not apply to a legal action.
5. If the applications and documents have been submitted electronically, the file is stored registration applications and print these documents, together with an indication of people who signed them.

Article 10 1. Everyone has the right to view the file registered entities included in the Register, unless the law provides otherwise.
2. (repealed).
3. Files relating to registration of insolvent debtors person who has been based on the deletion of Article. 59 and 60 and is not subject to disclosure, is available only to the entity affected by this alert and the creditor, at whose request the sentence to include an entity.
4. Documents forming the basis of entries in section 4 of the register of entrepreneurs, which have been withdrawn under Article. 46, are excluded from the business registration files and shall run separately in the collection of documents, which is only available to the entrepreneur entered in the register and the creditor to whom the request was an entry.
5. The provisions of paragraphs. 3 and 4 did not affect the right of access to judicial records specified in regulations.
6. The court, in which are stored files of company registration, it appears on paper certified copies of documents submitted to the file. The provisions of paragraphs. 3-4 shall apply accordingly.

Article 11 1. The registration records maintained by a set of specimen signatures of persons authorized to represent the entity listed in the registry.
2. Everyone has the right to see the specimen signatures, referred to in paragraph. 1

Article 12 1. The data contained in the registry can not be removed from it, unless the law provides otherwise.
2. If it turns out that the registry is an entry containing obvious errors or inconsistencies in the order of the court, the court will automatically correct the entry.
3. If the registry data can be found inadmissible because of the existing law, the registry court, after hearing the interested persons at the meeting or after a call to make a statement in writing, deletes them from office.

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