Poland Act of the National Court Register of Article 5 to Article 8a

Article 5 Treasury and state institutions, whose task is not about business, do not bear the fees referred to in Article. 4. 4

Article 6 Minister of Justice shall:
1) by regulation, the constitution and organization of the Central Information and detailed rules for the provision of information from the registry and the sharing of copies of the directory, and the scope of information available on the basis of Article. 4. 4a, having regard to the minimum requirements for public registers, the exchange of information and documents and tasks and the Central Information Registry for the provision of universal and immediate access to information about the subjects listed in the registry, and copies of documents submitted to the directory of companies;
2) in consultation with the minister responsible for public finance, by regulation, fees for providing information, issuing copies, extracts and certificates of registry and for providing copies of the directory, taking into account the need for the smooth operation of the Central Information and to cover the administrative costs of establishing and Register and catalog operation, while ensuring universal access to information and copies of registration documents;
3) by regulation, the organizational and technical conditions for the application forms and documents and their submission to the courts and the central registration information electronically, as well as judgments, copies, extracts, certificates, information and copies of documents doręczanych applicants in this way, having regard to the nature of the requests and registration documents, so their submission to the courts and the central registration information electronically and providing universal and immediate access to information and registration documents;
4) in an order, manner and mode of transmission by the courts of the registration data registered to the Central Information, taking into account the technical and organizational capacity of the courts and the need to register to ensure a smooth and comprehensive transfer of registration to the Central Information, while ensuring an adequate level of safety;
5) in an order, organizational and technical conditions for the transfer by the courts of registration documents electronically to the directory and how it is stored, including the need to ensure the integrity and completeness of documents submitted for registration files, need to process the copies of documents in electronic format, as well as state courts in the equipment appropriate technical.

Article 7 Proceedings before courts rejestrowymi apply provisions of the Code of Civil Procedure on non-litigious proceedings, unless the law provides otherwise.

Article 8 1. The register is open.
2. Everyone has the right to access the data contained in the registry through the Central Information.
3. Everyone has the right to receive, including electronically, certified copies, extracts, certificates and information from the registry.

Article 8a. 1. Product includes the following documents are limited liability companies, limited liability companies, limited liability companies and limited joint-European companies
1) acts of incorporation, contracts and statutes, if a separate instrument, as well as a resolution to amend them;
2) a single text of the documents listed in paragraph 1;
3) a resolution to change the amount of capital, if it does not require simultaneous changes in the contract or statute;
4) the resolution on the appointment and removal of members of the company;
5) the annual accounts and annual consolidated financial statements of capital groups, for the purposes of accounting regulations, copies of the resolutions to approve the annual accounts and the sharing of profits or covering losses, and the opinions of auditors and report on the activities of individuals, if the obligation to produce results from specific provisions.
2. Everyone has the right to receive the catalog, electronic, certified copies of the documents listed in paragraph. 1
3. The release in the manner specified in paragraphs. 2 documents submitted for registration files before 1 January 2007 is not possible if the expired 10-year period between the date of submission of the files and the date of application for access.

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